"The best value for money and the most helpful tutors!"

This case study tells how Nisa Kuday, a teacher & administrator who wanted to discover more opportunties for career progression, took several classes at the London Academy of IT. As a result, she was able to rapidly move into an exciting new sector where digital skills are in high demand.

Nisa’s Background

“I originally started taking coding classes at the London Academy of IT as I was looking for a career change. I had finished university in 2013 and had gone straight into an administrative, project management & teaching job at a school in London.

Whilst I enjoyed the teaching aspect of my job, I knew that it wasn’t the career for me as there were not many opportunities for career progression within that sector.

After doing some research about the job market, I saw that most jobs that were available were in the digital industry. I had previously taught myself how to do HTML4 coding when I was 14, so I felt like coding was a skill that I could expand on and advertise to potential future employers.”

Choosing the London Academy of IT

“I started searching for the best courses available by browsing results displayed by search engines. Most courses advertised online seemed vastly expensive for the few amount of teaching hours they offered.

Finally, I came across the London Academy of IT’s website. Not only were their courses priced reasonably (at roughly £10 per hour) but they also offered ‘packages’ so that you could combine 3 different courses for a cheaper price than most other companies were advertising a single course for.

This meant that I could afford to learn a different range of skills without paying extortionate prices.

Another thing that was convenient about the courses offered at the London Academy IT was the option to do weekend classes and to select the weekend dates that were most suited to me.

This was especially convenient as I work full time and doing evening classes during the weekday and straight after work can sometimes be a bit draining.”

Nisa’s Experience

“My overall experience of the company was a positive one. The tutors are really friendly, helpful and will make the time to speak to you if you need any advice or have any questions about any of the material.

They are also keen to help their students get new jobs and internships through the skills that they learn at the London Academy of IT.

Once you have attended the courses, they are always willing to answer any emails or questions you may have after you’ve completed the course.

You are given instruction packs and resources to help you practise your new found skills outside of the classroom and at home.

The only downside to my experiences was the difficulty I had in finding the location of the classes. The London Academy of IT doesn’t have its own building but rents a few rooms in a larger building that is also used by a number of other companies and services.

Finding the classrooms can be tricky as they are tucked away towards the back of the building and are not signposted very well from the outside or the inside of the building. To improve this, the company should stick some signs up around the building to help people navigate. They could also send more detailed instructions on how to find the classes via their confirmation emails when someone books a course.”

[Note from the London Academy of IT: Thanks to Nisa’s helpful feedback, we’ve now implemented some positive changes to make sure our students can find their classrooms more easily. Students will receive detailed directions (including a video showing the way) in their confirmation emails, and during busy times we may assign a member of staff to greet students at the building entrance.]

Nisa’s Summary

“I would definitely recommend the London Academy for IT to a friend. They have the best value for money and the most helpful tutors! Following their informative classes, I have now started up my own website and now work as a digital marketing intern at a recruitment company.”

Nisa Kuday is a digital marketing intern at Inspiring Interns. She is a massive food enthusiast and an equal rights campaigner who likes to write, design and blog here.

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