"I felt inspired and encouraged."

This case study covers Jeannene's journey from WordPress beginner to confident webmaster, describing how she learned to create the ideal website for her business. She now doesn't need to rely on any expensive freelancers or risky outsourcing if she wants to update her site with new information about her company.

Jeannene’s Background

“I wanted to set up a website for an upcoming business, and having used WordPress.com in the past thought that I would use it again. Having found a template I liked, I tried to create the website, but found that there were lots of things I was unable to do. I then realised I needed some help with it, so looked on-line and came across the weekend course at London School of IT and decided to sign up.

I wasn’t familiar with code and hadn’t worked with it before. When the teacher was talking about it, I started to feel a bit more comfortable, but still had the fear that I may change something which would cause irresolvable damage! But the teacher made sure that all questions were answered and she took us through step by step, explaining what everything does.”

Choosing the London Academy of IT

“I looked on Google for WordPress training in London. A couple of courses came up and I looked at their prices, duration and what would be covered. The London Academy of IT course I came across was only a week or 2 away, was at a good price and had good reviews.”

Jeannene’s Experience

“The teacher was very passionate and knowledgeable. I definitely felt inspired and encouraged, and there was lots to learn. I took my own laptop which helped, and the teacher helped me install WordPress straight onto it, via the webhosting site I’d already subscribed to.

When I got home after the first day I was eager to try things out and look things up, and came across some useful pictorial websites to help build my website. Using my own laptop meant that everything had been set up on it, so I didn’t have to try and ‘translate’ doing things on my own computer after doing it on the Academy’s computer. By the time I went in on day 2, I had set up the theme, imported great pictures and made some customisations to my WordPress template I felt proud of.

Having my own clear, specific project to work on and using my own laptop helped make this a really practical and engaging course, instead of a theoretical one.”

Jeannene’s Summary

“Learning any subject with a trainer who is passionate about sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise, is always well worth attending.

Since doing the course, I’ve worked on and finished my website to publishing standard, so my website is now live. There’ll always be new things to change and play with, but generally I’m very pleased with it, as it’s laid out how I envisaged it.

My website provides information about my business, Inner World Outer Life. The services offered include Celebrancy (conducting wedding, child naming and memorial services), Assertiveness Training (1-to-1 and group training in confident communication skills) and Personal Coaching (1-to-1 coaching which incorporates people wider life perspectives).”

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