Course level: Intermediate
Total Duration: 20 Hours
Delivery Method: Instructor Led Classroom Training
Course Overview:
This course will help individuals continue to improve their vocabulary while gaining greater confidence in writing reports, networking, liaising with different departments, and taking part in discussions and meetings. This level will encourage and prepare students for work towards the advanced level.
This course is aimed to support achievement of a pass in the ‘Cambridge English: B2 Business Vantage (BEC Vantage)’ test or a score of 60–74 in the BULATS test.
A Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course.

Skills Required

A level of approximately B1 in English, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). You can asses your level of English by taking online tests at the following sites:

Course Dates, Prices & Enrolment

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  1. Talking about changes
    • Job changes at work
    • Role changes at work
  2. Delegating tasks
    • Delegating tasks
  3. Writing a report
    • Formal business language
    • Writing skills
  4. Keeping clients informed
    • Arrangements and scheduling
  5. Informal communication
    • Keeping colleagues informed
  6. Describing a process
    • Processes and manufacturing
    • Discussing how things are done
    • Office procedures
  7. Describing and marketing a product
    • Opinions and factual adjectives
    • Descriptive adjectives
    • Advertising and branding
  8. Advice and suggestions
    • Workplace pressures
    • Giving advice
  9. Talking about abilities
    • Workplace skills
    • Describing abilities
  10. What people said
    • Reported speech
    • Reporting what someone said
  11. What people asked
    • Reported questions
    • Reporting what someone asked
  12. Reporting quantities
    • Understanding quantities in conversations and meetings
  13. Working relationships
    • Social media and networking
  14. Presentations
    • Structuring a presentation
  15. Pitching
    • Pitching a product
    • Comparing products and competition
  16. Statistics
    • Describing statistics
    • Reading graphs and tables
    • Business trends
  17. Discussions and arguments
    • Discussing conditions and problems
    • Developing an argument
    • Negotiating and bargaining
    • Workplace mistakes
    • Workplace disagreements
    • Emphasizing your opinion
Vocabulary will be taught in the context each topic, as appropriate:
  • Departments and roles
  • Money and Finance
  • Communication technology
  • Production
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Meetings
  • Industries and professional attributes
  • Business idioms
  • Discussions

Course Tutor

The course tutor Peter works as a freelance teacher, translator and editor, with a PGCE from the London Institute of Education and Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. His background is in publishing, general management and consultancy, and he holds Masters degrees in Business Administration, Organizational Behaviour, and Comparative Literature with French, along with qualifications in phonetics and a number of other European languages.

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