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Java Programming with Advance Concepts

Batch Price From £300 (approx. $381 USD) View Dates & Prices Short course on Programming with Java
Total Duration: 10 Hours
Course level: Intermediate to Advanced
Delivery Method: Instructor Led Online Training
Certification: Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course.

Course Overview

This course is designed for delegates who have covered the basic and intermediate levels of the java programming. This course will provide an in-depth knowledge of the collections framework, multithreading concepts of java, Managing Input/output Files in Java and Managing Errors and Exceptions and Assertions and design by contract.


This course requires knowledge of basic Java syntax, variables, control structures, primitive data types and main method. Our Programming With Java Training Course covers all of the prerequisites. This course also needs the knowledge of the object oriented concepts that are covered in detail in our Java Programming with Object Orientation Training Course.

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Course Content

  1. Collection Framework in advance
    • Overview of Interfaces
      • Collection Interface
      • Set Interface
      • List Interface
      • SortedSet Interface
      • Queue Interface
      • Map Interface
      • SortedMap Interface
      • Iterator Interface
    • Overview of Classes
      • AbstractCollection Class
      • AbstractList Class
      • ArrayList Class
      • LinkedList Class
      • HashSet Class
      • TreeSet Class
    • Overview of Algorithms
      • Sort algorithm
      • Shuffle Algorithm
      • Search Algorithm
      • Manipulating Algorithms
  2. Multithreading
    • Creating threads
    • Extending the thread class
    • Stopping and blocking a thread
    • Life Cycle of a Thread
    • Using Thread Methods
    • Implementing the runnable interface
  3. Managing Input /Output Files in Java
    • Concepts of Streams
    • Stream Classes
    • Creation of Files
    • Reading/Writing Characters
    • Reading/Writing Bytes
  4. Managing Errors and Exceptions
    • Types of errors
      • Compile Time Errors
      • Run Time Errors
    • Exceptions
    • Syntax of Exception Handling Code
    • Multiple Catch Statements
    • Using Finally Statement
    • Throwing Our Own Exceptions
    • Using Exceptions for debugging
  5. Introduction to Assertions
    • Introduction to Assertions
    • Implementing Assertions
    • Assertions Rules

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