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Join our affiliate programme

You can earn 10-20% commission by sharing and promoting our courses.

Benefits of joining

Become an affiliate of London Academy of IT and get all these benefits:

  • Easy and quick set-up process
  • Promote what you want at the time that suits you
  • Earn 10-20% commission on approved sales from new customers you introduce to London Academy of IT
  • Easy to use admin panel to track all your sales and commissions
  • Up-to-date course catalogue with personalised referral links
  • Promote courses via multiple channels including your website, email and social media networks
  • Special offers and discounts for our affiliates
  • 30-day cookie duration, so, up to 30 days from the date of the initial click to earn a commission
  • Dedicated support manager
Benefits of becoming an affiliate

How does it work?

See how you can earn commissions from London Academy of IT through an affiliate programme

  • 1. Join our affiliate programme

    Join the London Academy of IT affiliate network by completing a simple form.

  • 2. Promote our courses

    Generate the trackable links of our courses on the admin panel and share them.

  • 3. Earn commission

    You’ll earn 10-20% commissions for the sales made through your trackable links.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The affiliate marketer, also known as a partner or publisher, is you. The job of an affiliate marketer is to promote the products or the services through whatever medium of work they do and drive sales towards the websites of the products and services. Every time there’s a sale that comes from the affiliate marketer’s link to the merchant’s website and a sale happens, the marketer gets a commission.

Affiliate programmes, also known as "associate programs," are a platform like this site that assists affiliate marketers like you, in locating products and services with which they can collaborate. The marketers arrange a partnership and start to promote the services or products of the merchant like London Academy of IT.

After the partnership is created, the affiliate programme creates links that the marketers can use and share on their content for the customers to click on, which lead them to the merchant’s web page for the product or service. Once a sale is made through this link, the marketer receives a commission.

The application to become an affiliate at London Academy of IT is completely free.
We offer a competitive commission rate. The more people buy with your referral links, the more you earn.
A referral tracking URL is an URL that links potential customers to a our website and it informs us which affiliate directed that traffic for commission purposes. It includes a parameter that is necessary to track your sales. You can view your custom affiliate links at your personalised admin panel.

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