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20% Discount for Schools, Colleges & Univiersities

We are offering up to 20% discount to the personnel and students of schools, colleges & universities.

Discounts for teachers and support staff

Exclusive 20% discounts for Teachers, teaching assistants, headteachers, administrators and everyone in between. You are working for changing lives so you deserve it. Whether you're a teacher, teaching assistant, cleaner, canteen staff or work in any role in education, you can get this discount.

These are some roles who are eligible for this discount:

  • All School & College Staff
  • All University Staff
  • All Preschool & Nursery Staff
  • Teachers
  • Lecturers/Professors
  • Directors/Principals­
  • Headteachers
  • Deputy Headteachers
  • Assistant­ Headteachers
  • Dinner Staff
Discount for Teachers and Academic Staff

Discounts for students

Are you a student of a college, sixth form or university? As a student, you’ll get 20% off your courses at London Academy of IT. Just send any valid photographic student ID or an ISIC student card to us by email.

Register with your academic email address and book courses on our website at the listed price. Send us an email with your invoice number and a copy of your student ID card. After verifying your identity, we’ll apply the discount and send you back the updated invoice with the discounted price. Make your payment and attend the courses.

These are some examples who are eligible for this discount:

  • School Students
  • College Students
  • University Students
  • Vocational school Students
NHS Discount on Training Courses at London Academy of IT

How to get your discount?

Getting Academic discount is very easy. Please follow these 4 easy steps to get your discount.

  • 1. Register

    Register with your email address

  • 2. Book

    Book a course or multiple courses

  • 3. Invoice

    Get an invoice with the discounted price

  • 4. Pay

    Pay for the invoice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Am I eligible for Academic discounts?

Our discounts scheme is for all staff who work in the education sector, in any role. This includes everyone who works in preschools, nurseries, primary schools, secondery schools, colleges, sixth-form colleges, universities, all retired staff, students and so on.

2. Who is eligible for a student discount?

Any students over 16 years old at college and university level including the vocational schools are entitled for a student discount. All we require is that you register with your student email and provide us with a copy of your student I.D.

3. What countries are eligible for this discount?

Currently, there is no restriction on any country.

4. Can I share this offer with my friends and family members?

Sorry, you can’t share this offer with them.

5. Can we get a discount for a group booking?

Yes, you will get this discount if every member of the group is individually eligible for this discount.

6. Do you provide an invoice with the discounted price?

Yes, we provide an invoice.

7. If my official email address ends with 'ac.uk', can I get the discount?

Yes. However, we may want to see your ID.

8. If I don't have a student email address, how I can get the discount?

If you don't have a student email address, register with your personal email address and send us a scanned copy of your student ID or school certificate.

9. Is there a limit to the number of courses I can book?

You can purchase as many courses as you want. You can't purchase the same course more than once though.

10. If there is a dicount on a course, can I get this dicount on top of the discounted price?

No. This discount is always on the regular price. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. For example, if a course price is £240 and it is being offered for £200 on our website. You'll get this discount for £240, not £200.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Number of bookings limits may apply. Please contact us for full details.
  2. Limited-time offer; offer may end at any time.
  3. This offer is available on full price. Some exclusions apply.