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NHS Discount on Training Courses

We are offering up to 20% discount for NHS personnel to thank them for their fantastic work.

At London Academy of IT we are offering up to 20% discount to NHS & Healthcare workers including nurses, doctors, administrators, midwives, and all levels of staff. Your hard work should be rewarded. We’re here to make sure you are. Any role in any healthcare organisation qualifies you to access our amazing deals and discounts. London Academy of IT reserves the right to modify or discontinue the terms of these offers at any time. Other exclusions and limits may apply.

These are some roles who are eligible for this discount:

  • NHS Staff
  • GP Staff
  • Healthcare-related Students
  • Dental Practice Staff
  • Hospice Staff
  • Healthcare Volunteers
NHS Discount on Training Courses at London Academy of IT

How to get your discount?

Getting NHS discount is very easy. If you are a NHS personnel then just follow these 4 easy steps to get your discount.

  • 1. Register

    Register with your official email address

  • 2. Book

    Book a course or multiple courses

  • 3. Invoice

    Get an invoice with the discounted price

  • 4. Pay

    Pay for the invoice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Am I eligible for NHS discounts?

Our discounts scheme is for all staff who work in the health service sector, in any role. This includes everyone who works in the NHS, private hospitals, GP staff, dental practice, pharmacy staff, hospice staff, all retired staff, healthcare volunteers and healthcare related charity staff.

2. What countries are eligible for this discount?

United Kingdom only.

3. Can I share this offer with my friends and family members?

Sorry, you can’t share this offer with them.

4. Can we get a discount for a group booking?

Yes, you will get this discount if every member of the group is individually eligible for this discount.

5. Do you provide an invoice with the discounted price?

Yes, we provide an invoice.

6. If my official email address ends with 'nhs.net', can I get the discount?

Yes. However, we may want to see your NHS ID.