Short course on Microsoft SQL Server Database Designing Course level: Intermediate
Total Duration: 10 Hours
Certification: Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course

This course is intended for them who need to write queries to retrieve data from the Microsoft SQL Server. This course is highly recommended before starting our SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) course. At the end of this course the course attendees should be able to use SQL and T-SQL for querying data.

Skills Required

This course is suitable for those who already have basic knowledge on Microsoft SQL Server database and table design, basic SQL and T-SQL. Our Database Design with Microsoft SQL Server Training Courses cover all of the prerequisites.

Course Dates, Prices & Enrolment

23 Apr 2017 - 30 Apr 2017
2 Sundays
£220Enrol Now
15 May 2017 - 16 May 2017
Monday & Tuesday
£220Enrol Now
03 Jun 2017 - 10 Jun 2017
2 Saturdays
£220Enrol Now
12 Jun 2017 - 13 Jun 2017
Monday & Tuesday
£220Enrol Now
10 Jul 2017 - 11 Jul 2017
Monday & Tuesday
£220Enrol Now
25 Jul 2017 - 03 Aug 2017
2 Tuesdays & 2 Thursdays
£220Enrol Now
  1. Built-In Functions
    • Using Built-In Functions
    • ISNULL – A System Function
    • CONVERT – A Conversion Function
    • ROUND: A Mathematical function
    • Using String Functions
      • LEFT & RIGHT
    • Using Date and Time Functions
      • GETDATE
      • DATEADD
      • DATEDIFF
      • DATENAME
      • DATEPART
      • DAY, MONTH and YEAR
      • Using CONVERT to format a date/time
  2. Multi-Table Queries
    • Joining Tables
    • INNER JOIN with more than two Tables
  3. Grouping Data
    • Using Aggregate Functions
    • Using GROUP BY Clause
    • Using HAVING Clause
    • Aggregate Queries with Multiple Tables
  4. Subqueries
    • Introduction of Subqueries
    • Subqueries vs Joining Tables
    • Subqueries with Comparison Operators
    • Subqueries with IN and NOT IN Operators
    • Subqueries with EXISTS and NOT EXISTS
  5. Temporary Tables & Stored Procedures
    • Temporary Tables
    • Populating a Temp table with SELECT INTO
    • Stored Procedures
    • Populating Table from Stored Procedure
    • Using Temp table in a Stored Procedure

Course Tutor

The course instructor is a .NET developer with 15 years of experience in software and web development. He is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer and skilled on C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Ajax, HTML, and CSS.

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