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Emrul Z.

CS Grad, AI Passionate, Mentoring Minds

Embark on a transformative learning journey with a seasoned IT mentor, AI enthusiast, and Computer Science graduate. My diverse experience, ranging from refining an Automatic Speech Recognition system to engineering a face recognition security system at Genuity Systems Limited, has shaped me into an industry professional who ardently believes in sharing knowledge. I've also excelled in academic research, optimizing Computer Vision models and employing advanced machine learning algorithms for paper classification. My notable projects, like the Realtime Face Mask Detector and the award-winning Dengue Hotspot Detector, mirror my commitment to societal betterment through technology.

I love to teach people programming language, like C or Python, because I believe that could unleash the door to make cool things. I derive immense satisfaction from simplifying complex CS concepts and programming paradigms for my students, fostering an environment of collaborative growth. I am a lifelong learner, tutor, and mentor. Join me as we demystify the fascinating world of AI and IT, nurturing a future brimming with possibilities.


Friday to Saturday, 3 PM to 6 PM


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IT Skills

Artificial Intelligence

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