09 April 2019

Easter Discount Code in 2019 to get 20% OFF on full price courses

We are offering 20% discount on full price of our courses this Easter so that you can save money and spend on all your holiday essentials. Read more about this discount code and the terms and conditions.

Easter Discount Code in 2019

The 20% Discount Code


How to use the discount code

  1. Visit the course page or find your coruse at http://www.londonacademyofit.co.uk/courses
  2. Click the Enrol Now button for your chosen dates and time
    Click the Enrol Now button
  3. On the booking page enter the promo code EASTER and click the Validate button.
    Enter the promo code
  4. Complete the Enrolment Form and click the Proceed button.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This code can be applied if there is no other discount on the full price.
  2. We have right to terminate this promo code without any notice
  3. We shall not refund you discounted amount, if you have booked a course without using this discount code.
  4. This discount code will expire on 30th of April, if we do not extend it further.