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15 November 2018

London Academy of IT invites UEL students for valuable experience

Image of the lait invites UEL students for experience

The University of East London is inviting students to apply for an internship with London Academy of IT commencing in January. The UEL Funded Internship Scheme is an initiative which helps UEL students gain valuable work experience while engaged in study. In today’s market, employees are seeking graduates with work experience and qualifications to ensure productivity. If a graduate can hit the ground running less monitoring is required. London Academy of IT's IT training courses have attracted household name businesses, CEO's, managers and employees from across the UK, also winning an award from the Newham Chamber of Commerce.

Covering courses such as Python, SQL, HTML, Cloud Computing and more, London Academy of IT has created affordable 1-5 day training courses which take place in the day, weekends or evenings to fit various schedules.

The application stage opens on Friday 9th November 2018 and closes Sunday 25th November 2018.

To apply, go to http://youruniverse.uel.ac.uk/jobs-and-internships

UEL’s Stratford campus is based a few minutes from LAIT’s Stratford training centre.