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28 August 2018

London Academy of IT has started a work experience initiative for students

Image of the lait contract with lbs

London Academy of IT has started an work experience initiative for university and college students in London.

The internship aims to give young people an opportunity to gain skills for a few hours a week, over 2-4 week period.

The internships have been designed to be flexible to cater to students and are currently available in the marketing department.

Marketing Executive Natasha Norman stated, "To date we have recruited two students, one from the local area and another from West London who are doing excellent work at their universities and are eager to make their CV's stand out. We are now recruiting interns for September "

Current Westminster student Junaid Rubani said of the initiative, "I am currently a second year university student studying business management. I’ve studied my whole life in London and also work part time on the days I’m not at university. The main reason why I applied for the LAIT internship was for experience. Today’s job market has become so saturated and simple grades are not as valuable as they used to be, and proof of experience within establishments are more valued. Therefore once I saw the opportunity to apply for this marketing internship, I did not hesitate to apply as I knew this would help my job career and widen my skill set in the business world."

Please contact Natasha if you are interested in work experience at London Academy of IT.