Total Training Duration: 40 hours
Package price: £490.00 (save £130)

What you'll learn: Did you know that you can turn a web app, built with HTML, CSS & JavaScript, into a phone app that runs on any platform? It's perfectly possible, thanks to Adobe's PhoneGap framework. While apps built this way might not be as perfectly-optimised as an Android- or iOS-specific app, they are quicker and easier to build. The skills you'll gain (modern HTML, CSS & JavaScript) have an incredibly wide range of uses on the web, too. Get an idea of what's possible with PhoneGap by visiting the PhoneGap showcase page at:

Who should take this: This course package is best for you if you are interested in rapidly developing apps that can run on a wide range of devices.

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At first you need to do the Web Design with HTML and CSS course, then do the JavaScript and jQuery and finally do the Mobile App Development with PhoneGap course.

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