Total Training Duration: 31 hours
Package price: £370.00 (save £100)

What you'll learn: You’ll learn how to create designs that deliver great user experience (UX) through creative and thoughtful user interfaces (UI), using a range of top industry tools. You’ll get hands-on experience from a variety of practical exercises based on real-world scenarios. And, finally, you’ll learn some HTML and CSS so you understand how designs become code, making you a top-class candidate for any digital project thanks to your deeper understanding of your role.

Who should take this: Anyone who wants to learn the whys and the hows behind digital design in order to create beautiful website and app experiences.

Select dates for the courses

At first you need to do the Web Design with HTML and CSS course and then you can do the rest of the courses in any order.

Only online virtual classes are included in this package. Please select the dates and click the Proceed button.