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E-Commerce Website Design with Magento

Batch Price From £150 (approx. $194 USD) View Dates & Prices E-Commerce Website (Online Store) Design with Magento Training Course
Total Duration: 10 Hours
Course level: Beginner
Delivery Method: Instructor Led Classroom Training
Certification: Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course

Course Overview

The Magento course will train you to build online shopping websites for small-medium size businesses on one of the most popular, flexible, and easy to use and customisable ecommerce content management systems in the market.

We provide one-on-one training and consultation services in the E-Commerce Website Design with Magento. The rate for individual training session is £25 per hour. Please contact us if you are interested.


No previous experience of Web design, HTML, CSS is required. You should have basic computing and Internet knowledge.

Course Dates, Prices & Enrolment

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Course Content

  1. Getting started with Magento
    • What is Magento?
    • Installation process/requirements
    • Who's this Product for?
    • Task: Install Magento
  2. Creating a site with Magento
    • Adding products in Magento
    • Add images to your products
    • Manage product attributes
    • Manage product tags
    • Configure Magento payment methods
    • Configure Magento shipping methods
    • Create and manage pages in Magento
  3. Cateloguing with Magento
    • Import products in Magento using CSV files
    • Import products
    • Manage Product Quantity
    • Create a category in Magento
    • Add a category image in Magento
    • List all available categories in Magento
    • Manage Product prices in Magento
  4. Manage Orders in Magento
    • Configure Magento order options
    • Manage order emails
    • Make an Order in Magento
    • Manage Orders in Magento
    • Manage Your Customers
    • Create and Send Newsletters
    • Track visitors & sales with Google Analytics
  5. Store Design with Magento
    • Change your Magento Theme page by page
    • Change your Magento Theme for entire site
    • Changing the Magento default logos
    • Replace all logos in your Magento store
  6. Install magento Modules/Widgets
    • Install New Modules and Extensions
    • Update Magento Modules
    • Implementing Magento Widgets
  7. Implement magento SEO
    • Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs
    • Edit your Store Meta Title and Description

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