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5 benefits of Online Learning

Tuesday 14 July 2020, by Bhavini Chauhan

5 benefits of Online Learning

We now live in a world where learning does not only have to be learnt the conventional way. Due to technology we now have the choice to learn & study online, this can also be known as e-learning or remote learning. Online learning is rapidly increasing in popularity these days and this is why at London Academy of IT we wanted to meet these demands. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of online learning.


People have the ability to juggle their schedules around online learning more easily. People are able to work around their careers, hobbies and other commitments. This is great in particular for busy parents, students and those with demanding schedules. Here at London Academy of IT we provide live online classes for those that prefer a teacher support but we are also in the process in creating on demand self-paced online courses for those that would prefer to learn in their own time, to stop and start when they please. Courses will include pdf course materials, videos, pictures, quizzes, etc. We will be releasing these types of courses out soon!

Faster Career Advancements

Learning a new skill is great and can really boost your career prospects, however those with busy work schedules may not have the time to attend classroom-based learning. Online training provides adaptability to learn alongside with your work commitments.

It also provides the versatility to learn not just one course but the chance to learn many courses to increase an individual’s career prospects compared to only having the time to attend one classroom-based learning course.

Companies that pay for their staff development will be more prone to placing their staff on an online course as time, effort and costs are reduced as well as being able to complete business qualifications in a faster time frame.

Save on Travel Time

Many people tend to find they save a lot of time when taking an online course vs classroom-based. Individuals save time in their commute to and forth from the education institution, this is especially the case for those that live far or live in secluded areas. Time is also an essence for anyone when weather conditions arise, for example, if snowfall is heavy a vast amount of people will be unable to commute to the classroom. This can also affect a tutor’s ability to commute into class and this will lead to course delays/cancellations. There are no commute issues with online learning.


The price of online courses is generally cheaper than classroom-based learning. Institutions are able to save money on renting classrooms and therefore able to save costs and provide cheaper courses online. This is a great option for those that do not want to spend too much money on learning a new skill. All that is required is to have a working laptop/desktop.


Some people feel much more comfortable being able to study in their chosen surroundings. This provides a choice to study wherever you please, whether this is in your home, garden, park etc. Learning in a place you feel comfortable may increase your concentration levels and therefore being able to grasp and finish the course quicker.

Those with social anxiety and those that feel uncomfortable in a classroom setting may feel much more comfortable and safer learning in their chosen environment. In our online classes, no webcam requirements are needed, you may turn your mic on and off if you wish to speak, other than that the course consists of listening to the tutor and viewing our course materials.

Final thoughts

In this article we have discussed the benefits of online learning and why you may prefer this over classroom-based learning. Both types of learning are great in their own ways and it is really down to preference and an individual’s situation.

We have had great feedback from those that had taken part in our online courses:

“The tutor was very knowledgeable in the subject and was able to demonstrate and share examples with me seamlessly as he taught me online. I will definitely do another online course at the London academy of IT”

– Tom, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Training Course.

“The online course was great and, in my opinion, much superior to ‘on-premise’ version. The crystal-clear sound is great and also the ability to show your screen over Zoom if you have any issues is brilliant. Younus explained everything and answered all my questions regarding how to use the Bootstrap framework. On my course, the attendance numbers were not quite high enough but Younus agreed to do the course on a 1-to-1 basis which was even better.”

– Benjamin, Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap Training Course.

If you are interested in starting an online course with us, you may browse our Courses and enrol from there.

Alternatively, if you have any further questions you may contact us on admin@londonacademyofit.co.uk / 020 432 6218. Thank you.

About The Author

Bhavini Chauhan, Assistant Manager for London Academy of IT thrives to ensure students gain full expertise in chosen courses. Besides IT, Bhavini has a passion for blogging on her website Beauty Puzzled. She also enjoys fitness, travelling and reading. Feel free to contact her on Instagram.

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