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Why Is It Worth Learning JavaScript In 2020?

Tuesday 01 September 2020, by Charlie Svensson

Why Is It Worth Learning JavaScript In 2020?

For anybody who wants to be a programmer, one of the first issues they will face is the programming languages they have to learn. Even after deciding on this, there’s also the issue of which one to start from. If you’re one of these people, then this article is for you. Some questions that you will likely ask are: which programming languages are trending? What skills do employers want today? Which language is natural for beginners to learn, etc.?

All of these questions are legitimate, and one language that fits in them all is JavaScript. There’s no doubt that you must have heard of JavaScript if you have an interest in programming. But you might not know if it is still relevant in the year 2020. This is one language that gives you a foundational skill to understanding what programming is and how it works. From here, you’ll be able to learn other languages easily in the future. Just in case you are doubt if JavaScript is worth learning, here are some assignment help reasons that will convince you.

JavaScript is one of the most natural languages to learn and use

JavaScript has a very smooth learning curve, unlike some other programming languages. This is why it is one of the ideal languages for beginners or people who are new to programming. Many new developers will learn that JavaScript is a higher-level language, and many of the code’s complexities are not sorted in your code but by the machine. The syntax that JavaScript offers is very similar to the English language. This allows you to create a more reliable mental connection to whatever programming concept you’re learning at the time, more than you would be able to with other programming languages.

Starting to code in this language is very easy as it is a web development technology. You only need to open your web browser for interactive tutorials, and you’ll start to interact with the JavaScript code. Setting up a development environment as a starter is simple.

JavaScript is versatile

Another reason why you should learn JavaScript is because of the versatility of this program. There are too many things that you can accomplish with JavaScript more than some/most of the other languages. For instance, with JavaScript, you can add some interactive features to a site, whether it’s the functional buttons to video players or images that will change when you click on them, etc.

There’s also such a thing as “vanilla JavaScript” (in which you use just JavaScript), and that’s just a part of JavaScript coding. After mastering these basics, you will start to extend your skills and begin to master libraries like React.js, Vue.js, Angular, etc. these are all part of the technologies used in different contexts for web development.

You can build web applications that back end from your skills while using Node.js framework in learning JavaScript. Or you can develop a mobile app with a mobile framework like React Native.

Increased job opportunities

There’s a great demand for JavaScript developers in the market today than many other language programmers. It has a huge market demand and there is a chance for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to pursue a career in the tech industry. Knowing that you’re learning a skill that is in high demand is comforting enough. JavaScript is so important that there are too many companies in search of proficient JavaScript developers. The versatility of JavaScript as a programming language is one reason it is in such high demand. You can decide to master pure JavaScript, or you specialize in one framework. Either way, there’s no paucity of opportunities for JavaScript developers.

Also, specializing in a skill like Node.js or React.js might even increase your demand because the popularity of these frameworks is growing, and they are used increasingly for different applications.

The abundance of learning resources

JavaScript is not just easy to learn as a language. It has an abundance of learning resources everywhere on the internet that it makes it easier to learn the language. The significant frameworks and the language itself are very well-documented. So, finding learning resources is far from being a problem when learning this program. This also helps to make the learning curve even more comfortable.

There’s nothing short of thousands of online and free tutorials that you teach you this programming language. But even if you need intensive courses, there are also plenty of coding boot camps that you can register to help you build this skill.

The developer community is very large

You would expect that the developer community is very great, given that it is one of the world’s simplest and most popular programming language. This means that you can easily access a lot of people that deal in and love this language. This doesn’t just give your friends to talk to; you have people that can help you if you have any problems or can also help in your learning process.

It is also an opportunity for you to be of help to others after you’ve mastered the language. You can teach others or help them solve their problem, etc.

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