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Web Development with ASP.NET

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Web Development with ASP.NET Training Course
Total Duration: 10 Hours
Course level: Beginner
Delivery Method: Instructor Led Classroom Training
Certification: Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course

Course Overview

The ASP.NET course provides the necessary skills and knowledge to design and develop database-driven web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and the ASP.NET with C# and Microsoft SQL Server database.


It is necessary to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, C#, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. Our Web Design with HTML and CSS, Programming With C# for Beginners, and Database Design with Microsoft SQL Server courses cover all of the prerequisites.

Course Dates, Prices & Enrolment

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Course Content

  1. Getting Started
    • Installing Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express
    • Creating your first ASP.NET web site
    • Exploring Visual Web Developer
    • Working with Web Forms
    • Adding web form controls
  2. Designing Web Pages with CSS and Themes
    • Adding CSS to the Website
    • Creating new styles in external CSS
    • Attaching CSS files to Web pages
    • Applying and managing styles
    • Using CSS class selectors in server controls
    • Applying Themes
    • Handling Theme Conflicts
    • Multiple Skins for the Same Control
    • Using CSS in a Theme
    • Applying Theme through a Configuration file
  3. Master Page and Content Pages
    • Creating a Master Page
    • Creating Content Pages
    • Using relative paths
    • An Example Website
  4. Web User Controls
    • Creating web user controls
    • Adding User Controls
    • Registering an user control globally
  5. Validating User Input
    • Creatign a web form
    • Adding validator controls to a form:
      • The RequiredFieldValidator Control
      • The RegularExpressionValidator Control
      • The RangeValidator Control
      • The CompareValidator Control
    • Controlling the validation error message display
    • Using the ValidationSummary control
  6. Sending Email with ASP.NET
    • Contact Form
    • Use Gmail account to send email
  7. Displaying, and Updating and Deleting Data
    • Connecting to the SQL Server
    • Presenting data with the GridView control
    • Controlling GridView paging and appearance
    • Editing data with the GridView control
    • Presenting data with the DataList control
    • Formatting data with binding expressions
    • Deleting database records
  8. Creating Data Capture Page
    • Using the DetailsView control
    • Inserting data with the DetailsView control
    • Redirecting page requests
    • Creating an update page
  9. Securing a Site with Forms Authentication
    • Turning on forms authentication
    • Creating a page to log in users
    • Creating a page to set up new users
    • Understanding the security database
    • Configuring security in the web.config file
    • Creating a page to log out users
  10. Deploying a Web Project
    • Preparing a Website for Deployment
    • Publishing a Website
    • Moving database to a remote server

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Study Path

These are some suggested study paths, but you may book the courses according to your requirements.

Please contact us us if you need any help to choose your study path.

Career Path

These are some possible career paths after completing this course:

  • Junior Web Developer > Web Developer > Senior Web Developer
  • .NET Developer > .NET Developer > Senior .NET Developer

Participant Reviews

"This course is very good to get you started in the subject. The academy give you enough knowledge to continue learning by yourself. The teacher are aproachable, honest and helpful."

Nicolas Mendez, 09/03/2016

"Very good class. Really shows and teaches what asp.net is about."

Konstantin Vasilyev, 06/10/2015

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