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SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Advance

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Short course on Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
Total Duration: 8 Hours
Course level: Intermediate to Advanced
Delivery Method: Instructor Led Classroom Training
Certification: Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course

Course Overview

This course will help students to build the SSIS packages to extract, transform and load operations for a data warehouse. It details the methodologies for managing high-volume, slowly changing dimensions and for handling XML files.
In addition, it covers the design patterns to load data for dimension and fact tables. Also this course helps the students to deploy the packages to production and execute the packages.


This course is suitable for those who already have basic knowledge of SQL Server Integration Services. Our SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Training Courses cover all of the prerequisites.

Course Dates, Prices & Enrolment

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Classroom Training 18 Jun 2024 - 20 Jun 2024
Tuesday & Thursday
05:00 AM - 09:00 AM ET
(approx. $356 USD)
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Course Content

  1. Advanced Integration Services - I
    • Advanced Control Flow
      • Using XML Files
      • Using Web Service in SSIS
      • 32 bit Vs 64 Bit
      • SQL Task to return single / multiple columns / record set
      • Using SQL Task in Control flow
  2. Advanced Integration Services - II
    • SSIS Expressions
      • Expression Introduction
      • Expression Builder & Functions
      • Using expression in precedence constraint
      • Operators and More Variables
      • Variables
      • Expression Usage
        • Connection Manager
        • SQL Statement
        • Precedence Constraints
    • Debugging SSIS Packages
      • Debugging - Basics
      • Breakpoints
      • Debug Windows
      • Script Task Debugging
      • Script Component Debugging
      • Data Viewer
      • Using the Grid Viewer
    • Logging & Error Handling in SSIS Packages
      • Package Logging
      • Different types of logging using SQL server, Flat file, XML
      • Logging in Control flow and Script Task
      • Error output in Data Flow task
      • Transaction Support
      • Checkpoints
    • Package Execution
      • Package execution utilities
      • DTEXEC
      • SQL Server Agent
  3. Introduction to Data Warehouse
    • Data Warehouse Basics
      • OLTP Vs OLAP
      • Star Schema / Snow flake Schema
      • Kimball Vs Bill Inmon
      • ETL Vs BI
      • ETL Tools
    • Dimension
    • Facts
    • Summary
  4. Developing SSIS Packages for Data Warehouse - I
    • ETL Design pattern
    • Extract package
    • Extracting to staging
    • Load Patterns
    • Fact extract for ongoing load
  5. Developing SSIS Packages for Data Warehouse - II
    • Slowly changing dimension
    • Dimension loading pattern for Type 0, Type 1 & Type 2
    • Dimension Load Design patterns
    • Fact table load design pattern

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