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How to Create A Killer Company Website And Improve Your Brand

Thursday 26 March 2020, by Michael Gorman

How to Create A Killer Company Website And Improve Your Brand

A good-looking website is the fortress of your brand. The days when you could design a subpar site are long gone, which means you ought to create a web presentation that thrills the audience and encourages visitors to engage with the content.

There are more than 1.7 billion websites on the Internet, so it must be easy to craft a beautiful and effective site? Well, not exactly.

While it is true that almost anyone can launch a site these days, the task gets much more difficult if your plan is to make it fully functional and visually appealing. We want to give you a few practical tips, so keep reading to learn how to create a killer company website and improve your brand.

1. Keep it simple

The latest trend in web design is to keep things simple and straightforward. This is important because you probably don’t want to bombard visitors with tons of irrelevant details. On the contrary, the idea is to make every page focused on a single goal. Less is more in website design, so try to impress your audience instantly by avoiding heavy patterns and complex elements.

2. Use the brand’s color scheme

The website you’re building cannot function independently, but rather follow the general branding strategy of your company. This means you have to use the official colour scheme of your brand. Even if you want to buy a popular website theme, do your best to customize it so as to match the peculiarities of the brand. That way, everyone will figure out the brand behind the website.

3. Simplify navigation

Complex websites are outdated because users want to take action quickly and effortlessly. Make sure to simplify website navigation by reducing the number of categories and creating a meaningful architecture. Besides that, add a search box to the site and allow visitors to look for any given post on their own.

4. Write clearly and concisely

Websites are not only about themes and other visual components. On the contrary, you must also insert a lot of textual content to enrich your site and explain the peculiarities of the brand. This is where you need to be careful because users are not exactly passionate readers in 2020.

Do your best to write clearly, concisely, and directly. Use conversational language and avoid jargon or niche buzzwords. Keep it up to the point and your copy will have the desired effect on readers.

5. Make it SEO-friendly

Do you know that nearly 100% of all traffic comes from a search engine? It’s a mind-boggling figure that proves the significance of search engine optimization (SEO) for website performance. In such circumstances, you have to take care of SEO-friendliness like this:

  • Make a fully responsive site that fits each browser and device type
  • Speed it up to ensure effortless page loads
  • Write straightforward and actionable copies
  • Use the most relevant keywords

6. Create an attractive About Us page

A vast majority of visitors would like to learn more about your brand, which makes the About Us page extremely important. Your job is to make it very attractive by explaining the purpose of the company, its vision, beliefs, and style of work. If you do it properly, rest assured the audience will remember your brand and keep exploring the website.

7. Make it easy to contact you

A business website is not supposed to promote one-way communication. Instead, you should inspire visitors to interact with the brand by sending you messages directly. You will need a simple contact form for this purpose, so keep in mind to discover a template that doesn’t burden your audience. Try to minimize the number of input fields because shorter forms inspire more users to take action.

8. Don’t forget social media integration

Another detail you ought to pay attention to is social media integration. With over two billion daily active users, social networks can help you drive more traffic and boost the discoverability of the brand.

If you are using WordPress to power the website, we recommend you to install a Social Media Share Buttons plugin. It’s a simple tool that enables you to insert social sharing icons and promote website content on social platforms, too.

9. Add a chatbot for customer service

A typical customer is eager to learn answers to his/her questions instantly, a demand human agents cannot fulfil. This is exactly why agile organizations deploy chatbot technology.

Take the best essay writing agency or online assignment help service for example. They rely on digital assistants to ensure instant communication around the clock. You should embrace the same mindset and make your site user-friendly with chatbot operators.

10. Publish lots of quality content

You can create the most beautiful website in the world, but does it really make a difference if it contains no more than a few pages? Your task is to publish lots of quality content that helps the audience solve practical problems. Such a strategy will turn you into a genuine industry thought leader while giving that much-needed layer of authority to the brand.

11. Create unique landing pages for different goals

The best websites contain multiple landing pages based on different business objectives. You cannot expect a single page to drive different types of action, so you better make sure to design an appealing landing page for each business goal individually.

Create a standout call to action and focus on a single objective per page. It will make your website more productive and help you to grow conversion rates in the long run.

Up to you!

Modern content management platforms make it easy to launch a website in minutes, but designing a stunning site that impresses the target audience takes much more time and effort. In this article, we showed you 11 tips on how to craft a killer company website and improve your brand.

Which tip do you believe to be most important here? What is your favourite website creation strategy? Let us know in the comments so we can discuss this topic with you!

About The Author

Michael Gorman is one of the best essay help writers at Dissertation Today and Samedayessay. Michael writes about topics like web design, branding, and social media marketing. He is the father of two kids and a passionate long-distance runner. Feel free to contact him on Facebook or check his Twitter.

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