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14 November 2017

We interviewed some of our students to get their feedback

A group has completed their Web Design course at London Academy of IT. We interviewed some of the participants to know about their learning experience here. Overall, they are very happy with our course and training. We asked them some questions about the training. Here are some of the questions we asked them and what they replied.

Image of the participants interview

How did you find the course?

It was good, through and helpful and informative. Another participant said that it was extremely helpful and it taught exactly what he had expected to learn and even more.

What value will it add to your work?

Participants believe this course will help them a lot at their workplace. Once participant works for a communication company. They do a lot of work on web this course will help him to understand the base level technology.

Image of the participants interview

How was the teaching?

Teacher was very responsive, helpful. She helped to resolve any issue. Teacher went individually to each student to help with their learning.

How did you find London Academy of IT?

They said that they are very happy, facilities were good, centrally located, so very easy to get to. They would highly recommend our course to others.