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The Top 8 Web Development Blogs for Beginners to Follow

Tuesday 01 September 2015, by Lewis Swift

The Top 8 Web Development Blogs for Beginners to Follow

At some point every internet user wonders if they will ever be able to create web content of their own and see it come to life online. But even though it is very easy to get started with, few people take website development seriously.

If you are someone who doesn’t know where to begin with web development, perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the huge number of tutorials and materials you encounter even with a simple Google search on the topic.

Web development has grown so detailed and complex that beginners can find it hard to follow the high-tech articles written in jargon and based on the assumption that everyone knows HTML.

But don't worry: there are sites out there that offer digestible information to beginners, so you won’t struggle to master the basics of web development.

Here is a list of 8 blogs that are a blessing for beginners wanting motivation, encouragement and access to the best resources to help them get on the right track.

Many of these blogs are written by developers themselves who share their own mistakes, learning process and great tips and tricks to simplify the learning curve.

A List Apart

You should definitely check out this blog that is written for people who make websites. You can keep using the blog as you become more knowledgeable in web development as it provides basic tips and advanced information for both designers and developers.

A List Apart has a huge number of articles covering varied topics such as code, content, design, business, process and UX. Thus giving you a one stop resource shop for all your web development challenges, especially the ones involving HTML and CSS.

If you wish to contribute to this blog it also accepts submissions.


SitePoint is a wonderful website maintained by a major web development company. So following this blog gives you the taste of expert knowledge and advice without having to attend any big workshops or read mind bending research articles.

It gives you access to a lot of resources to hone your skills and also has a forum where you can discuss your queries.

If you want to grow as a developer, you should definitely give SitePoint a try.

John Resig

A blog from the Dean of Computer Science from one of the best online learning centres, Khan Academy, John Resig provides an excellent site filled with resources on JavaScript and jQuery.

Follow this site and you will get the best advice and informational blogs from the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library itself.

The site also lets you have a peek at his latest research.


WebAppers by Ray Cheung is a blessing for new developers. It helps you get acquainted with the latest technology and provides tons of free open source resources to start your journey as a developer.

Life can become very easy with all the freebies given by WebAppers, which include a variety of free icons and design ideas. It is helpful for whatever role you take on in web development, either as a designer or a developer.

It also has some great articles giving you valuable information on how to use the open source resources.

David Walsh

This interactive blog from David Walsh, a well known web designer and software engineer, is a great resource for understanding web development from a fresh perspective.

There are tutorials, demos and features covering varied topics which will make your web development both enjoyable and easy.


Do you want to keep yourself up-to-date with latest technologies? Check out Speckyboy launched by Paul Andrew gives you a simple yet insightful updates on all latest web technologies.

Learning front end coding and design will become much easier with Speckyboy, it offers a great way for even beginners to learn the latest design trends and how to best incorporate them into their projects.

London Academy of IT

This very blog that you're reading, the London Academy of IT Learning Blog, gives you something new every day.

Follow this blog and you will find tons of content on everything related to web development, plus well-explained tutorials, quick tips and a lot more.

You can subscribe via RSS or email, and you'll get regular deliveries of bitesize learning.

Six Revisions

Six Revisions was launched and is maintained by Jacob Gube and is a great resource of articles, tutorials, news. It contains all types of content that would be helpful to a beginner as well as advanced developers.

Beginners will find this site really useful with all the simple and easy to follow tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress and many more.

The website also gives away freebies like icons and UI elements.

Take the time to explore these blogs and you will soon be on your way to becoming a web development pro.

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