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Choosing a Programming Language to Learn

Wednesday 02 January 2019, by Jayan Karmacharya

Choosing a Programming Language to Learn

Learning to code is not hard as thought by most people. It is as simple as learning any language of the choice. It involves the learning of alphabets, vocabularies and the grammar involved in order to speak to a computer.

The more practice makes one fluent on it as in any other language. Here is the difference, in order to be multi linguistic one has to learn the grammar of different languages but in case of programming languages the fundamental grammar always remains the same. That’s why learning multiple computer languages no longer remains a nightmare.

Learning to code is easy but mastering it is hard. A great deal of focus, patience and practice is required. In order to master it, a clear path must ne traversed. There are several scopes below are few of them, which can be traversed on:

Diagram of choosing a Programming Language

All the languages also require the logical thinking, but this doesn’t means a serious math skills is required. Basic algebra and problem solving skills will accelerate the task. As per the language is concerned there is no ‘best’ language as such, many languages are capable of creating multiple genre of applications. Always start with one, give it some time and start adding the stack.

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