PHP with MySQL Training Course Regular Course Price: £120.00   
Total Duration: 6 Hours
Course level: Beginner
Delivery Method: Instructor Led Online Training
Certification: Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course

Course Overview:

PHP is the cutting-edge and highly deployed language in the development of web applications. This hands-on PHP for beginners course teaches the comprehensive skills for building dynamic, data-driven, interactive websites. You will learn fundamental of PHP programming, data types, control flow, form processing, Accessing MySQL database through PDO and more.

Following topics are included in this course:

  • Programming Fundamental
  • Variables
  • echo / print
  • Data types
  • Expressions
  • Operators
  • Programming constructs
  • Loop
  • Arrays
  • Forms Processing

Skills Required

This course is suitable for those who already have understanding of Web, HTML and MySQL.

Our Web Design with HTML and CSS and MySQL Database Training Courses cover all of the prerequisites.

Course Dates, Prices & Enrolment

Dates and Times
(in the UK)
Dates and Times
(if not in the UK)
Online Training using Zoom 27 Feb 2021 - 28 Feb 2021
Saturday to Sunday
3pm - 6pm
Start Date & Time
End Date & Time
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Online Training using Zoom 03 Apr 2021 - 04 Apr 2021
Saturday to Sunday
3pm - 6pm
Start Date & Time
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  1. Introduction
    • Static vs. Dynamic websites
    • Where PHP does fits
    • Web development technology stack – PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript
      • Installation
      • Testing the Installation
  2. Programming Fundamental
    • What is programming?
    • Introduction to PHP
    • code block <?php ?><? ?><?= ?> short circuit directive
    • Comments // # and /**/
  3. Variables
  4. echo / print
  5. Data types
  6. Expressions
  7. Operators
  8. Programming constructs
    • include/ require
    • Conditional statements – if, else, if else, switch, ternary logic
    • break, continue, declare
  9. Loop
    • For Loop
    • While Loop
    • Foreach Loop
  10. Arrays
  11. Forms Processing
    • GET
    • POST
    • SERVER
    • FILE

Course Tutors

The course instructor is a Global Technocrat with years of extensive experience in Teaching, setting up and heading Business Operations, Corporate Planning, Projects in the IT sector in both Domestic and International Markets.

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