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Boost Your IT Career Prospects with a First Class CV

Wednesday 29 September 2021, by David Steele

Boost Your IT Career Prospects with a First Class CV

There’s a huge range of options available to jobseekers looking for a career in IT. In addition to more focused roles like data analyst and software developer positions, many companies are turning their back on outsourcing IT support and seeking in-house talent to bolster their digital ambitions. Although there’s been a significant rise in the number of available tech sector jobs in recent months, this by no means makes securing the most desirable salaries an easier prospect. If you’re serious about landing your next dream job in IT, you’ll need to ensure you have a first class CV at your disposal.

The Fundamentals of a Good CV

Regardless of what industry you’re looking to secure a position in, you’ll need to ensure your CV is accessible and easy to read for potential recruiters. It can be difficult to whittle down an IT skills CV to a condensed state, but it’s crucial you keep things simple to secure the best chances of a follow-up email from interested parties. Ideally, your CV should be condensed down to two pages. Getting this right may take some time and you’ll no doubt have to be quite merciless when it comes to trimming your CV down

If you’re targeting a career in IT, make sure you prioritise any industry-specific skills, qualifications and experience. If you’re listing any certifications or desirable qualifications, ensure you’re following best practice when adding them to your CV. If your existing resume is long-overdue an overhaul, take some time to brush up on the basics and experiment with different layouts.

If you’re applying directly to an employer, it’s also important to include a cover letter to demonstrate your industry experience and achievements in greater depth. This document can expand on information already laid out in your CV, as well as include anything you may have had to sacrifice when condensing your resume during the drafting process. If you’re applying for positions via a recruitment agency, it’s pivotal that your CV includes an effective opening statement.

Improve Career Prospects with a Foreign Language

If you’re seeking top-tier positions in the IT and digital sphere, job requirements are almost certain to include proficiency with at least one foreign language. Even if you don’t have full mastery of a foreign language, it’s fairly easy to brush up on the basics or learn a new language from scratch. However, not everyone will have the time to dedicate to visiting a language school on a regular basis. Thankfully, learning a new language online is easier than ever, allowing you to slot in language studies alongside your regular workload.

Spotlight Technical Skills and Digital Prowess

This is arguably the most important aspect of any IT skills CV. If an employer is advertising for an advanced-level position, they’re going to be looking for specific certifications and qualifications before delving deeper into personal experience. Rather than simply listing relevant IT and digital skills, make sure you’re clear on how you’ve applied them successfully in the past. It’s also worth remembering that in the IT sector, no man is an island. Showcase how you’ve worked effectively as part of a team and make it clear that you’re fully versed on the importance of interconnected workflows.

About The Author

David Steele has been writing professionally for more than 10 years. He has worked extensively in the e-commerce and digital marketing sectors and, for the past 6 years, has worked as a recruitment consultant and CV writer.

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