Trend of JavaScript Regular Course Price: £300.00   
Total Duration: 12 Hours
Course level: Beginner
Delivery Method: Instructor-led Physical Classes or Virtual Classes
Certification: Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course

Course Overview:

JavaScript is one of the most important languages when it comes to building modern, interactive websites and apps. Along with HTML and CSS, it is one of the core building blocks of the web - and it's growing ever more popular thanks to the wealth of powerful JavaScript libraries and frameworks available.

While JavaScript can be a little harder to pick up than HTML and CSS, our in-depth course will provide you with the knowledge that you need to create dynamic and engaging websites - or even fully-featured web apps.

This course is intensive but we have ensured that there is plenty of time for questions and useful, practical assignments. We know that students learn faster when they are given plenty of tasks to experiment with.

We make sure to keep our class sizes small, so that every student is able to have their questions answered by the course instructor. The atmosphere is usually one of relaxed and quiet focus - although there's time for making friends and swapping a few geeky jokes during the breaks, too.

View some examples of the exercises completed as part of this course here.

Skills Required

It is essential that students have some knowledge of HTML and CSS before they attend this course. Our Web Design with HTML and CSS Training Course cover all of the prerequisites.

Course Dates, Prices & Enrolment

Dates and Times
(in the UK)
Dates and Times
(if not in the UK)
Online Training using Zoom 26 Sep 2022 - 10 Oct 2022
3 Mondays
9:30am - 1:30pm
Start Date & Time
End Date & Time
£240 £300
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Online Training using Zoom 28 Nov 2022 - 12 Dec 2022
3 Mondays
9:30am - 1:30pm
Start Date & Time
End Date & Time
£240 £300
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Full Course Outline

  1. Getting Started
    • HTML CSS and JavaScript
    • Client-side Vs Sever-side
    • What is JavaScript?
    • Find your Editor
    • Browsers and Console
  2. Loading JS
    • JavaScript and Statements
    • JavaScript Comments
    • Execution Order
    • Placing your JS in your HTML
    • The Type Attribute
    • Folder Structure
  3. Core JS Syntax
    • Variables & Data Types
    • Conditional Code
    • Operators and Expressions
    • Operator Precedence
    • Comparison Operators
    • Strict Equality
    • Logical Operators
    • Modulus
    • Increment/Decrement
    • Ternary
    • Loops: While, Do… While & For Loop
    • Functions & parameters
    • Variable Scope
  4. Types & Objects
    • Objects in javascript
    • Creating arrays
    • Array Properties
    • Array Methods
    • Addition Vs Concatenation
    • Not a number
    • Math Object
    • String Object
    • Quotes Inside Quotes
    • String Properties
    • String Methods
    • String Comparison
    • The Document Object Model (DOM)
    • The Window Object
    • The Document Object
    • The Date Object
    • Comparing Dates
    • The Switch Method
  5. Form Elements HTML5 & JS
    • Input Types in HTML5
    • Accessing the forms
    • Using querySelector
    • Using the name attribute to get info
    • Accessing fields (DOM)
    • HTML 5 Input form Validation
    • Using the autofocus attribute
    • Displaying placeholder text in form fields
    • Using the required attribute
    • Using the autocomplete attribute
  6. Append/Output Info
    • createElement
    • appendChild
    • createTextNode
    • Output
    • Exercise

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Study Path

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Career Path

These are some possible career paths after completing this course:

  • Junior JavaScript Developer > JavaScript Developer > Lead JavaScript Developer
  • Dynamic Web Designer > Lead Web Designer

Participant Reviews

"Great teaching staff and facilities."

Malcolm Msika, 28/06/2016

Course Tutors

The course instructor is a front-end developer who runs a freelance web design and digital marketing business. She studied graphic design and web technologies at university, and today her skillset encompasses HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, Wordpress and SEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

JavaScript is a scripting or programming language used to create and control dynamic website content, implement complex features on web pages. It is the third layer of the standard web technologies, the other two of which are HTML and CSS.

Some uses of JavaScript are:

  • animated graphics
  • photo slideshows
  • validate forms

JavaScript is a simple and easy-to-learn programming language as compared to other languages such as C++, PHP and C#. Some people find it harder than learning HTML and CSS. There are many JavaScript libraries (pre-written code) that make JavaScript-based applications development much easier.

You don’t need any special software to write JavaScript code. All you need is a notepad or any other text editor and to run your code you need a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

You can use an IDE instead of using a notepad or text editor to speedup your development. There are many good free tools to choose from.

You can download and install any of these following popular free IDEs:

JavaScript is one of the most sought-after skills in the programming industry presently. The more you become an expert in JavaScript, the more your employability is.

This is a difficult question to answer because salaries vary widely between companies and locations.

Here is a list of average JavaScript developer salaries according to some top career websites in the UK:

  • – £57,214 (source)
  • Indeed – £54,071 (source)
  • CW Jobs – £57,500 (source)

From those numbers the average salary is £56,262 for a full-time JavaScript developers in the United Kingdom.

We have designed our course in such a way that you can learn the fundamental and essential syntaxes of the JavaScript language in a short period of time. We also provide notes, exercises, and guide for your practice at your own time, so that you don’t get lost or waste your time. It takes some time and practice to learn any programming language.